Thursday, March 1, 2012

Watch and Learn

Alas my resolve to blog regularly is weak. But it isn't due to my laziness to get down and write something. My time is being used up watching video tutorials on YouTube. Yes, I'm one of those who can stay glued for hours, watching video after video after video, even if I keep complaining that it's buffeting way too slowly. But it all starts when I have a need for some quick help on how to do something and there are always videos for just what I needed at that time.Then it stops becoming a need but an obsession to learn more and more.

For most people, they would just head out to the stores to buy what they need. But I love DIM (Do It Myself). it just makes me so happy and fulfilled doing and being successful in a project even with all the hard work involved. And especially when there is hard work involved!

I have some successful projects which I chose to DIM, instead of buying.

Grecian Goddess Halloween costume which is just one whole piece of white cloth which I twisted and pinned in place
twisted up hairdo also learned from YouTube

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